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7 ways to make Monday morning (a little) easier..

Monday mornings have never been easy, I know that... Add that to January and a national lockdown it's not looking to rosey is it?! These are just a couple of things that I do to help kickstart the week, sometimes successfully and sometimes not (let's not beat ourselves up about it!).




Laying out your clothes the night before

Even if it's turning in to your uniform, lay out those leggings, baggy t-shirt and hoody. I tend to wear a 'exercise kit' style outfit through the week in hopes that it will encourage me to exercise, but let's be honest who am I kidding? It's just because my jeans are a little tight right now!




Enjoy a coffee and your favourite mug

Kick start with a hit of caffeine drunk from your favourite mug, we recommend a cafetière of our freshly ground coffee sipped from our Happy Place bone china mugs. I sometimes pop the cafetière, coffee and mug by the kettle so in the morning there is even less effort to be made.




Allow yourself 30 minutes in bed

Now this might sound scary, but trust me it's worth it. Set that alarm from 30 minutes earlier than normal, use that 30 minutes to enjoy your coffee in bed. Try not to scroll through instagram but instead read, watch the news or listen to the radio.




Plan something delicious for breakfast

I can't be the only person that goes to bed thinking about breakfast? We've been making lots of delicious treats for breakfast recently, the new firm favourite is sweetcorn fritters with avocado however you can't go wrong with homemade chia seed pudding topped with fresh fruit.




Wake up to the radio

Change that annoying alarm tone to the radio, follow the step by step guide here:




Light a candle and take it slow

Lighting for me is so important, I get extremely agitated by bright lights. My flat is full of lots of lamps and the 'big' lights rarely get used. Start the morning with our Harbour Haze soy wax scented candle, calming but optimistic and the perfect way to relax in to the days antics.




Plan a morning walk

This has been one of my new years resolutions/intentions and it has been a real game change for me. I have been known to start writing emails in bed at 7.30am, slowly make my way to the table (still in PJ's) and then find myself at lunchtime hangry and half dressed. Planning a morning walk, sets a morning routine and I use this time to plan out the day ahead.



That's it from me, I hope these tips may help just a little. Please do pop in any other tips/advise you have in the comments below.



Hope you all have a glorious week!

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