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Myself, Tegen and Safi were so honoured to have been contacted with regards to G7. We thought we would pop together some of our most frequently asked questions for anyone else that may be interested. Pop in any question below in the comments and we will answer them too.

How were you first contacted?

We first contacted back in March. We got a call from a lovely lady who explained that one of our products had caught the attention of number 10!! We were absolutely blown away, we thought it was a hoax at first. Initially we were contacted with regards to our wooden desk clock, but from then onwards it snowballed in to supplying the hampers for the world leaders amongst other products too.

How did you feel when being asked to supply?

We were beyond excited, slightly overwhelmed and couldn't quite believe it. Being such a new business (only opening in February 2020, a few weeks before the first British lockdown) we felt incredibly honoured to be asked and has been such an incredible way to end our first year of being open.

What items did you supply to G7?!

We were fortunate enough to supply the following,
-Gift hampers for the World leaders
-Pre summit gift hampers for the Sherpas
-Welcome hampers for the Sherpas
-Miniature toiletries for all the rooms, including our body cleanser, body balm, shampoo, conditioner and hand soap.
-Mugs, screen printed in Cornwall.
-Bottle openers
-Letter holders/photo holders
-Dog bowls and dog treats
All made by our wonderful existing makers. The Cabinet Office was very clear that they wanted all the items to be made locally, which for us was so exciting. This has been such an amazing opportunity to show off the talents of Cornwall to a much larger audience.

What would be the ultimate thing to come out of this experience for you?

For us, we hope that the summit being in Cornwall has bought the talents that are here in Cornwall to a larger market. We hope this encourages people to visit Cornwall ALL year around and not just during the warmer months. Oh and maybe a photo of Biden holding one of our products too!!

Did you get to meet any of the world leaders?

We wish! We did spot Bridgette Macron right outside the shop though!

What has your favourite bit been about the whole experience?

The entire thing has been so exciting, being able to tell people (as we had to keep quiet for such a long time) was very exciting. However, I think for us delivery day was the best bit! There had been weeks of work poured in to each item so when we delivered we felt a huge sense of accomplishment. We roped in mums, dad, nans and husbands to help us get everything ready in time. It is fair to say we celebrated the following day with multiple cocktails and a dance around the kitchen.

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