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Ask a Local #002- Daisy from Caffe Pasta

Each week we will be asking a local 11 questions, next up is Daisy you may recognise her from of the towns favourite restaurants Caffe Pasta....

How long have you lived in St. Ives?

I grew up in st ives until the age of 11... since then I have lived here and Australia for the past 5 years on and off. Preferably doing the summers in each until Covid stopped that from happening so I’ve been here since then!

Where do you work in the town?

I am one of the managers in a small Italian restaurant in town called Caffe Pasta.

Caffe Pasta can be found right on the harbour front in St. Ives

What is your favourite thing to do in St. Ives when the sun shines?

Absolutely a drink in the sunshine at upper deck or spend the day at the beach ( porthmeor west).


Feeling peckish, where do you head for lunch?

Yallah coffee shop!

Photo from @yallahcafe_st. ives


Still hungry.. best place for dinner?

Porthmeor if you can find a table, or talay Thai!


Best spot in St. Ives for a drink?

Balcony bar has the best views for sure, but you can’t beat the flat white martini at caffe pasta if I’m being biased...

Favourite place to visit in Cornwall outside of St. Ives?

Cornwall is known for its many beaches, if I had to choose my favourite place it would have to be one of them, either kynance cove or porthcurno.


Best thing about living in St. Ives?

The locals! Everyone is so friendly and knows everyone, the fact you can step out onto the streets and bump into someone you may know is one of its many perks.


If you could change one thing about St. Ives what would it be?

There’s a couple of things, I wish we could change the weather for sure! It always rains! Other than that maybe the night life, would be nice to see the younger generation grow up with some cool clubs like our parents ( ISO bar ring a bell? )

What would you like to see in St Ives that's not already here

More live music events! We have the tourist industry sorted, so it would be great to get more little music events or gigs happening down this way.


Would you ever live anywhere else?

Other than Australia, I think my heart is set in st ives, it’s a great little community and other than the few minor things mentioned I don’t think I would change anything else, we all love it for what it is.

Any other burning questions? Pop in the comments below and we will add to our next 'Ask a local' blog post.

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