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7 Ways To Perfect Easter Sunday

Easter as we all know is a little different this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t pack it full of lovely things to make it one to remember.  If you’re short on ideas we have curated a little list for you. 



‘Chocolate For Breakfast’ 
Start the day right with Chocolate for Breakfast, we all deserve it this year! Why not stir one of Bertie’s Hot Chocolate Bomb’s into a our bestselling St Ives Mug’s  for an indulgent start to the day.




'Get Prepped, But Don’t Stress!'
Remember its just like cooking a roast on any other Sunday. If you’re looking to take your Roast to a new level this year try our Chicken and Roast Potato Seasonings made for us by Mick Smith (head chef at Porthminster Cafe).




'The Hunt is on!'   
While the foods in the oven doing its thing why not send the little ones off on an Easter egg hunt. If you time it right you might even be able to squeeze a glass of wine in and why not start piecing together our St. Ives Harbour Jigsaw puzzle.





'Feeling Full?'       
There’s always a little room for something sweet. Put your feet up & break open one of our Raw Chocolate Pocket Pie’s for a perfect after lunch treat




'Day Dreaming' 
     If the Jigsaw hasn’t done it already grab your copy of ‘Maverick’ (guide to Cornwall) and start planning your next trip to Cornwall.  Discover the best wild swimming   spots, learn about mysterious Cornish folklore, read interviews with local artists and find boutique Accommodation.




'Game Time!' 
    We all have that competitive family member who has to win everything so why not let them have their moment and get stuck into a few card games, our Playing Cards feature our classic St Ives Illustration. 




'Put On A Classic'
    There’s nothing like winding down with a classic and here’s a couple of our favs: ‘The Sound Of Music’ ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ 


Want to order all of the above? Check out our St. Ives Co. Easter hamper.


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